Terms & Conditions

Our Role

L&L Events London is an event organising company, which provides services chosen through our website. We process any requests initially through our contact form and then via our online consultation booking form. We will only set up a consultation if we have availability to carry out the service required, if we are unable to, we will offer a list of suppliers from our contacts who provide a similar excellent service. 

Data protection

Any personal information provided to L&L Events London is used to make contact with a client prior to and during an event. This information will not be passed to any third party, without express permission being sort.



All communication prior to booking should be completed via email. All phone consultations will be scheduled in advance. Any additional meetings other than what was arranged with your package, will be charged an hourly rate.

Please allow 24-48 business hours for us to respond to all communication, a little longer if over a weekend if were on an event. 


We give 100% commitment to our events and spend Thursday-Saturday creating and executing these events. Please allow a longer response time during this period, however be reassured that we will always provide the same high level of service for your event too.


All clients agree as laid out in your contract to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit will secure your booking with us. The final balance will be due two months before your actual event date. If your Wedding is booked with L&L Events London within two months of your event date then a full balance will be due to secure your booking. 


When carrying out an event, L&L Events London will only handle items that were brought by us and agreed with the client in their initial contract. Should a client require assistance or help that wasn't agreed to on their contract, then an hourly rate will be charged. 


Any last-minute add-on's or changes to your event will be charged for and will need to be paid, in full, 14 days prior to the event. 


Colour scheme or decorations cannot be changed  two month before the event date, or a  charge will be levied. As you run a high  risk if we are unable to provide the products needed in a short time frame, so please be mindful that once your proposal is confirmed and all has been agreed please stick to your agreement.


Travel fees 

The client will be charged for the L&L Events London travel to and from the event, this amount will be included in the total delivery and setup fee. Should the team work after 11 pm in order to complete an event, all accommodation/taxi costs, will be covered by the client. 


Props and rentals 

All Decorations provided by L&L Events London is done so on a rental basis. These items are not to be taken by the client or guests. If any items are not returned or are damaged, the client will be charged to replace said items. 


Date change 

Should the event date be changed along with the venue, and if we are still available to carry out your services a new proposal will be drafted and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be charged again. The full balance will still be charged and due 2 month before your wedding or event date.


Circumstances beyond your control

If in  the unfortunate event the Groom or the Bride has to cancel within a month of your event date due to either the but not limited to; covid, bereavement, car accident, freak weather, the client will still be required to pay half of the remaining bill by the original date. 


Display rights 

L&L Events London reserve the right to use images from any event for our own promotional purposes including use across all social media and our website. 


Professional photographs 

We ask that clients provide us with access to any professional images taken at their event by providing a link to these images, either directly or via their photographer. Should you wish not to have your face shown in any of the photos we choose to use for our publicity, please inform us. Our own photographer will also take photos during some events. 



Should L&L Events London provide vendors for an event, we will liaise with them on behalf of the client. Should the client wish to source and hire their own vendors, if required and agreed during our initial consultation, we are able to liaise with these vendors on the clients behalf and provide timelines for all involved.


L&L Events London are not responsible for any incidents involving third party vendors. Any incidents involving third party vendors whether provided  by ourselves or the client, will need to be resolved by the client dealing directly with said vendors.