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Connecting & Creating Beautiful Memories

For the Proposer, whose future marriage is important to you both. You value time and recognise having a proposal planner is key, whilst your both  juggling  career's. 

You simply can not be in two places at the same time right!


  Proposal Planning | Micro Wedding | Coordination 

Proposal Planning

Proposal Planning

Proposers you have your soulmate, now you're ready for the next level, dropping that knee! You've got this.

We know how stressful it is to even begin planning the Marriage Proposal of her life, and at the same time you need to work out her ring size! We have the solution to creating a stress free proposal of a lifetime, that will not only show how much love you have for her, but it will also show how well you really know her by the attention to detail given in the creativity of your Romantic Proposal.  Are you ready to pop the big question my friend?

Micro Weddings

Create a relaxed ambience and spend quality time with those closest to you both.

Micro weddings truly allow you both the time to value the meaning and importance of your wedding day, it allows you both to enjoy a relaxed day with those nearest & dearest. You will actually have time to linger in meaningful chatter, enveloped with love and warmth of those you cherish. No-fuss no stress! Micro weddings are small but huge on styling. We create a real quality experience for you and your guests, an opportunity to really spoil your guests.

This would include; caterers, celebrant, ceremony/ reception/restaurant planning & coordination, fresh florals/calligraphy, cake design, photographer/videographer

Watch our behind the scenes micro wedding ...

Couple dancing at there Micro wedding during covid.

Virtual Weddings

If you don't want to postpone your love story then Virtual Weddings is the way to go. We strive to make your virtual guest experience so unique by creating high standard visuals and audio of your love story for them to watch whilst waiting for the big countdown. Create themes, book live entertainment. Virtual weddings are a new way to enjoy a small intimate wedding but still have all your friends and family join you for your special day. Virtual weddings offer you and your guests an alternative to celebrating your wedding in a happy simple safe way.

This would include the following; virtual event planning - coordination, zoom wedding management, location setup, gift boxes sent to guests, backdrop, photographer, videographer booking of rentals,  wedding website, cohesive digital invites.

Wedding Co-Ordination

Couples have you excitedly started planning your dream wedding?

You have booked your dream venue, or your favourite restaurant & you were doing just fine, now you've hit a brick wall with planning, sourcing vendors, working out the logistics, timelines for suppliers and keeping updated with continuous government changes. Having a Coordinator is key. We will bring everything together, tie up loose ends, keep you well informed as to guidelines, and ultimately give you back your time to spend with each other. Always allow yourself plenty of time to spend enjoying your engagement together with no stress.

Wedding Co-ordination
Wedding planning

Wedding Planning

I get it you're more than capable of planning your own dream wedding but...

You genuinely don't have the time. Work commitments, maintaining your family home, and possibly spinning a new plate - home schooling! 

Full-service planning saves you precious time. It gives you reassurance that we are here, throughout the whole planning process, keeping you updated, sourcing the right suppliers for your vision, navigating all the logistics. In order for us to provide a dedicated personal service to each couple, we only take on a handful of full-service weddings throughout the year.

Small Marquee Weddings

Spring is upon us for outdoor wedding.

Small Marquee weddings, let you indulge in a relaxing day with those closest to you both, no stress from a multitude of guests. Also the outdoors are perfect for current guidelines.

This would include; marquee hire with draping, fairy lights, natural wooden tables & chairs, fresh florals, catering, waitressing, planning & coordination.

Small Marquee Weddings
Decor and Design

Décor & Design

You want to be unique not mainstream...

We love an elegant modern style that truly reflects who you both are and your life together.

We cohesively bring a natural earthy elegance to your wedding.

This can include: an abundance of fresh florals, stunning handmade paper goods, first impressions along with your handcrafted cake design, that will set you both apart from the crowd.