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How to Celebrate your Micro Wedding

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

You’ve tied the knot, now it’s time to mark the occasion ~ and the possibilities are endless!

The moments after your ceremony are part of what you’ll look back on and can vary depending on what‘s planned. They could feel rushed or they could turn into memories that take your breath away.

Celebrating doesn’t have to mean traditions or an all night extravaganza, but rather anything that makes your day special to you

🤍If it’s a destination or rural elopement , wander the streets or the woods to explore , revel in having nowhere else to be

🤍Have your favourite restaurant hired and styled by lleventslondon

lleventsLondon at Il Bebos

🤍Relaxed Pub afternoon ~ or even go to a few different ones to parade your outfits to the Locals

🤍 Backyard dining ~ for just you and your closest loved ones, where all your decor needs can be looked after for you

🤍 Romantic one-on-one dining ~ from picnics to sweetheart tables, your visions can be brought to life

~ Blue rose photography~

🤍 Go to your Favourite spots ~ your first date, your proposal spot, let your photographer snap shots of your first moments as a married couple. Don’t forget the champagne!

🤍 Meet up with loved ones on zoom for a virtual party with ideas like ~ play games ~ host a murder mystery ~ have home videos on a loop ~create a treasure hunt

🤍 Run off and Go straight to your honeymoon ~ start your travelling straight away and spend the time on the two of you ~ have photographers capture your road trip or running through an airport in your gown

🤍 Most importantly , Mark the occasion to make those memories last ~ take a mini cake on a picnic for just the two of you, spray champagne straight after the I do’s, get engraved jewellery, run into the sea in your wedding dress, have a adventure or do something crazy like skydiving if you’re brave enough, or end the day with stargazing. Whatever feels like you.

Pandemic or not, micro weddings are in a league of their own. Plan yours now!

Ashleigh ♡

~ all photos are credited or from pexels.com~

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