About Us

L&L Events Founder

Lisa Black

The Founder 

Over 29yrs ago while on a girly trip in the US I fell in love with my engagement ring, let's just say James wasn't ready to pop the question at that point, but this was the ring I wanted! So my best friend bought it, yes sir she did.

I came back to London gave my ring to James who at a later date, then gave it back to me at my mum's place, we had a meal with friends to celebrate and that was that, not exactly how it should of went right, but it was in the 1990s 


Fast forward to 2021Covid19 allowed me to  finally pivot our wedding business to focus sole on supporting men with their Marriage Proposals. Its an emotional, and most vulnerable time for guys.


You know, I view it a privilege to support encourage and reassure men in creating a Marriage Proposal that will blow your partner away. Unlike my poor James who didn't get this opportunity because of my fast self.


Therefore allowing you the proposer to be stress free save you time which you don't have a lot of due to your work load and life.


I truly love sharing top tips on what your sweetheart needs to here when you drop your knee...... We've got you my friend, let's do this!   


We would love to meet you!

Meet My Family

My Family are my greatest inspiration & support 

L&L Events Family Photo

Meet the Team 

Proposal Administrator

Uneizy Amaral
Administrator  &  Social Media Manager

A valuable part of our team, Uneizy became part of L&L Events London instantly! She loves all things organised and with her ability to manage the running of our office as well as producing our beautiful event proposals, she ensures that we are always working efficiently and that our clients know their event is in safe hands. 

Fun facts Uneizy is ultra fit she loves working out, baking, cooking “her brownies are scrumptious” values spending time with family & playing with her adorable son.

Proposals Assistant Planner

Leah Black 
Assistant Planner 

Since growing up with mum, coordination & planning of events have been a huge part of my life! The whole process is unique to each client.  What I love the most is the week leading up to it, keeping everyone calm and solving those last-minute problems that always appear. As my experiences expand so does my skill set, as we continue to strive at giving our best for every event we do.

Fun facts Leah loves motor bikes, and is Formula 1 crazy! Home crafts, Dog walking in beautiful parks, a real country girl at heart.

Whimsical Wedding
A review of past clients. great full for our entire team.

I was truly impressed with the way you conducted yourself & organisation of the wedding. Thank your entire team please for all the hard work and especially you!

—  R. Ashong